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Every RSG is a truly unique and valuable experience!

Regional Scrum Gathering℠ (RSG for short) The second TAIPEI 2022 will be held online for three days from Nov. 4th (Fri) to 6th (Sun). The event is the famous international event in Taipei, and also the largest Scrum gathering event in Taiwan.


Regional Scrum Gathering TAIPEI is held by a group of agile practitioners and committed volunteers whose motivation is simple and clear.

The purpose is to change Taiwan’s long-standing rigid work mindset, work mode and work culture.

The purpose is to provide all Agile practitioners and beneficiaries with more opportunities to communicate, to learn new knowledge, and to improve themselves.

And also to enable individuals, enterprises and various departments who have not yet joined Agile to deeply understand the benefits of agile, Please joint RSG we can solve your dilemma and change your mindset.

RSG taipei 2022 organizer

台灣敏捷部落 Taiwan Agile Tribe (TAT)

The Taiwan Agile Tribe (TAT) is an agile online community established in June 2019. The word “Tribe”, refers to a large tribe formed by many small tribes. The number of TAT members exceeded 3,700 people by the end of 2021. TAT hold a speech per month via online zoom with distinguished and outstanding speakers. On average, around150~300 people sign up for each event.

“In order to create more valuable bilateral discussions, Agile Tribe implements a small community-based mechanism focusing on common Agile topics selected by community members.

This allows people with shared interests to gather and establish several small communities of different topics, with voluntary experts in the field acting as community leaders. From the perspective of Agile brand, there are Scrum, XP, Kanban and other small communities in Agile Tribe.

From the aspect of common Agile roles, there are PO and SM; It is suitable for those who are interested in Agile coaching soft skills to join small gatherings as Agile with Coaching play-group, Communication, Triple A Coaching Café, etc. Besides, you can join SM Agile Coaching and Coaching community if you want to learn agile techniques. The diversified development has made Taiwan Agile Tribe more dynamic. On average, these communities hold 120 free events a year.”

RSG taipei 2022 co-organiser

經理人 Manager today

MANAGERtoday was publised in 2004. From the perspective of “gathering global wisdom together, extracting local perspectives, interpreting, learning and practicing,” readers can find out satisfying solutions, relieve the anxiety of management, and replenish knowledge at all times through monthly journals, websites, and communities. What is more, MANAGERtoday also aims to bring together the largest manager community in Taiwan.

Product Owner

周龍鴻 博士

2022 RSG Product Owner

長宏專案管理顧問公司 總經理
台灣敏捷部落 敏捷教練
中山企業管理博士 主攻動態競爭

Scrum Master

(in alphabetical order)

Elly Chen
Hermes Chang
Kevin Chang
C Ke
Ned Ku
Pei-Lun Lin
Vincent Lin
Yi-Jen Shiue
Hsueh-Chien Teng

RSG TAIPEI 2022 Core Volunteers

讓我們一起為了 Be Agile! Run Scrum! 攜手努力!

(in alphabetical order)

Chia-I Chen
I-Chi Chen
Kathryn Chang
Sonia Cheng
Yu-Ming Fan
Alice Feng
Sonia Hung
Eason Huang
Brian Hsieh
Yi-Pei Hsiao
Sylvia Lu
Kaitlyn Peng
Tony Tseng
Eleaner Tung
Garfield Ying

RSG TAIPEI 2022 Volunteers

(in alphabetical order)

Fiona Chou
Anne Chang
Blion Chen
Jean Chen
Jia-Syuan Chen
Sandia Chen
HanPeng Chuang
Joanna Chang
Chelsea Chung
Diro Fan
Jessica Ho
Jerry Hu
Michelle Hung
Paul Hsu
James Huang
Cadmus Lin
Daisy Lin
Jerry Lin
Victoria Liao
Chien-Chih Lai
Ming-Nong Ma
Sally Yang
Steve Yang
Ines Yeh
Brenda Zhang
Hong-Ci Zeng