Events Overview

During November 4th to November 6th, RSG Taipei will hold some online speeches and many interaction activities. Let's inspire international Agile mindset, learn Agile knowledge, and connect Agile friends.

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Warm-up Event

Before the event, RSG Taipei will hold a series of warm-up activities to spice up the event.

During the Event

Buddy Program

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. RSG Taipei will assist participants to build a buddy group so that you could know some new friends and learn together.



On Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, there will be 4 international-level on-line live keynote speeches with 50 minutes. The keynote speakers are all very well-known masters in the agile world. It is really rare opportunity to invite them. Want to be inspired from them? just join us.



On Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, there will be 24 on-line live speeches with 50 minutes. The speakers are well-known in Taiwan and global. Three tracks of the speeches will be delivered simultaneously, Be interested in different topics? Let's self-organize to choose what you want to listen to.


Open Space Technology

After two days of speeches, can't help communicating with everyone? On Nov. 6th, RSG Taipei will create a virtual "Open Space (Technology)". In the Open Space, all people could talk about any topics freely. All participants could freely comply with The Law of Two Feet. Join or exit based on your own.


Agile Coaching Clinic

On Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, RSG Taipei will also operate the agile coaching clinic. The coaches will help you clarify your questions, find out what you really need to deal with, and encourage you to take action.


On-line interpretation

Concern for not understanding English? Don't worry! RSG Taipei will provide interpretation service. The participants could switch to a familiar language channel.


Lightning Talk

Can't help showing people something? Let's show your topic in the Lightning Talk. Remember ! the total time is only 5 minutes ! Show us !

During the Event

Sponsor Activity

RSG Taipei will be open for the sponsors to promote their companies and publicize their needs for recruitment. Participants could also communicate with the sponsors, too. Maybe it's a fortunate stroke of serendipity.



Miss face-to-face communication? For open space discussions, RSG Taipei will create a virtual space through Gather Town, where participants can talk to each other just like the real world.

During the Event

Knowledge Wall

RSG Taipei will use Miro as an online whiteboard for discussion, where everyone is welcome to take any notes. Finally, we could collect these notes as a knowledge wall.



After the event, what do you take away? The professional facilitator will hold a retrospective, facilitate participants to think about what we learn and we will do.

During the Event


“Scribing, one form of gesture, is a visual practice. An artist maps out ideas while people talk, and they can see a picture unfold right in front of their eyes. The drawing establishes connections within content, aids with insight, and supports decision-making. It’s essentially a language that weaves worlds and pictures to facilitate group learning and cultural memory.” - p1. Generative Scribing: A Social Art of the 21st Century by Kelvy Bird

During the Event

Souvenir Task

If you complete the tasks and in the rank, RSG Taipei will provides one of souvenirs, such as Handmade mug, Mini rugby , or T-shirt.